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Professional Artist Christi Dreese was born and raised in West Michigan and has been involved in the arts since she was a child. She spent summers as a young girl on her father’s boat coasting along Lake Michigan. It was there that she grew to love the calm waters, sunsets, and relaxed atmosphere. Christi received her Bachelor of Art degree at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, emphasizing in painting and also attained a business administration major.

Christi paints from her heart. She loves being near the water and therefore paints many West Michigan lakeshore scenes. “The water gives me a sense of peace as I sit in my chair gazing across the lake.” Several sketches are created in graphite and then taken back to the studio for her interpretation.

Along with Christi’s passion for the lakeshore, she has found abstract to be a great emotional release and different creative process from her impressionistic landscapes. Many of her abstract expressionistic paintings are created on paper using current color trends. Quick brush strokes, gouges from the end of her paint brush and graphite are drawn into her paintings. Every work of art is inspired by her thoughts and feelings.

Christi’s love for the arts, lakeshore and personal growth continues to inspire her to create new works of art and have purpose in life.

Christi’s Online Portfolio


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